Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sixty Seconds Of Happiness

I'm feeling quite sixties inspired in this look. It's always striking to me how I think my skirts are short sometimes, but when I look at photographs from the sixties extreme minis make my hem lengths seem modest. Perhaps what really sells the look though is my thick hairband ala Bardot--I should've really sold the look with a teased ponytail, but since ponytails are usually lazy hairstyles for me it would've been counter-intuitive. I've got Bardot aspirations but can't compete with the level of effort it requires...Anyway the headband is pretty sweet, it's got a special velvety-like lining on the inside that means it doesn't slip or move around at all and the makers, Banded, will donate to charity with every purchase. Their slogan is "one headband=three meals." It's a really great cause and a pretty sweet headband too.

Outfit details:
thrifted skirt (similar)
BC Footwear oxfords (old, similar)
vintage purse

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hello Holiday F/W 2014

How cute is Hello Holiday's fall/winter lookbook? They sort of remind me of the morning after a good party; you're hanging out with your best friend re-hashing the night before and surveying the mess you have no desire to clean up. The clothes are cute too--sailor style tent dresses, Dorothy-inspired red heels, and that incredibly covetable popcorn purse! 

Hello October

It's officially October so time to bust out the skeleton sweaters, tights, and hair clips, no? I've actually never been a big Halloween enthusiast and I don't like scary movies, however Thomas loves Halloween and scary movies and his enthusiasm is contagious. He's going to be back in the States soon and I'm excited to share some fall traditions with him--visiting a pumpkin patch, going on a hayride, getting lost in a corn maze, and eating apple cider donuts! Interestingly enough, Halloween might have its origins in Northern Ireland (where Thomas is from) but a lot of today's traditions and films sell such an American vision of Halloween and when it comes to begging for candy as children and dressing up, we definitely celebrate it to the fullest.  With the exception of going door to door asking for candy, this might be my most fall-themed fall to date as I introduce Thomas to the wonders of American harvest festivals and good eats. It all starts today with this skeleton sweater...

Outfit details:
Sheinside hair clip
UO shorts

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sheinside $100 Halloween Giveaway

This week I'm very excited to partner with Sheinside for a new giveaway! We're heading into prime shopping season as we pick new fall pieces--not to mention pseudo-Halloween gear (like skeleton sweaters and bat accessories!). I'm excited to start wearing my skeleton hand hair clip I got from Sheinside last year and I have my eye on a few new theme pieces that my closet seems to be lacking. The winner of this giveaway will receive a $100 voucher to Sheinside and a surprise lucky bag with their order too!
To Enter:
1) register on Sheinside
2) like the Sheinside Facebook page
3) leave the comment under this post and that's it! you're entered to win
*open to International readers, the winner will be drawn in one week and notified via e-mail

Boxed In

When my lease was up at my last house I moved rather than commit to another year-long lease; part one of my eventual move to Northern Ireland. The process of moving meant all of my belongings were boxed up and are now slowly being un-boxed at my new temporary home. Since I'm such an expert packer and box labeler (sarcasm) I'm finding clothes normally regulated to the back of my closet and having a nearly impossible time finding clothes that are more my default pieces. I spent a few hours turning boxes upside down to find a pair of shoes only to eventually find them in a box marked Christmas. As I said, I did a good job labeling things. Still, it's good in a way when it inspires me to pull out this Carven skirt which probably hasn't been worn in two years and these fun flats. I got the flats in college while in Europe on adventures with one of my good friends and still hang on to them because of the fond memories, but I don't wear them often because they're such a pain to lace. It'll be interesting to see what other treasures I uncover as I get through all the boxes.

Outfit details:
Carven skirt (old)
Zara flats (old, similar)
Modcloth purse (old, similar)

Monday, September 29, 2014

My Everyday Makeup Routine

I don't really mix up my makeup routine very often, but when I dyed my hair blonde I did make a few alterations--adding in a highlighter (finally found one that works on super pale skin!) and a more nude lip color. It's not a big change, but since I occasionally get questions on my makeup I thought an updated post on my routine was in order. For me the focus is always my eyes (I can't remember the last time I went without winged eyeliner) so everything else is designed to work around that.

She's a Rebel

I'm probably about the furthest thing from a rebel. I wasn't even a rebellious teenager. I got into a fights with my mother quite a bit but my acting out was minimal and I've always been afraid of authority figures. Even with some of the traditional trappings of rebels like my tattoos and pink hair I don't think I'm very convincing playing the part. But sartorially you're allowed to temporarily adopt these characters. You can put on a leather jacket, heavily apply the eyeliner and pretend to hang out under the bleachers with your gang, threaten to jump someone after school, etc. All my rebellious notions might come from episodes of Freak and Geeks and my anthem might be the retro super-poppy He's A Rebel sung by The Crystals...

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