Thursday, November 27, 2014

Away We Go

One of my less impressive aspirations in life is to go to a swanky, old-style hotel and have a bellboy collect my (obviously gorgeous looking) luggage in a birdcage luggage cart...I mean, it's just so old Hollywood and glamorous-looking. So yeah, even if it was only for one day I'd like to pretend my luggage is that impractical, vintage set and have it whisked up to my suite with a view in a beautiful brass cart...Because of this rather ridiculous fantasy Shop Ruche's recent lookbook holds a lot of appeal to me. Don't we all want to be this girl? For now we'll just have to settle for buying her clothes...
PS Get 30% off sidewide at Shop Ruche with code "BLKFRDY" starting tomorrow through December 1st


I was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with my sister in Florida, but the day before my flight I got horribly sick and spent the next couple of days bedridden. I'm pretty bummed I missed out on a warm holiday, time with my sister, and wasted money on a plane ticket I couldn't use, but I'm glad to be feeling better now and I'll still have a Thanksgiving with family. I recently shared a number of these sentiments on Instagram (more specific to Thomas) but it is fitting today to remember despite disappointments and temporary poor health I have so much to be thankful for. In college I didn't have a car and my family was too long distance to make it home for smaller holidays (like Thanksgiving or Easter), so I've spent a few lonely holidays wandering being the odd man out at friends' family gatherings and wandering around an empty campus--so I appreciate the time I will share with family today knowing how empty I felt on holidays without them. Even a brief illness is a reminder that I usually have my health.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My Little Belleville

I can't get enough of the quirky cute creations in My Little Belleville. There's definitely a few unique gift ideas in here (tis the season) from radish-embellished gardening gloves to illustrated matchboxes which will work as perfect stocking stuffers or package toppings. Admittedly I'm admiring Michelle's creations mostly for myself--those mittens would look so cute with a variety of wintry outfits! Perhaps my favorite pieces in the shop though her historically inspired lover's eye jewelry. Hand-painted portraits of lover's eyes were popular in brooches and rings between the 1780s and 1830s. Many of the portraits weren't of husbands or wives, but rather subtle shows of loyalty to clandestine lovers. Michelle refreshes the art and you can snag a handpainted ring of a stranger's eye for a mere $65 or invest in a custom portrait eye ring of someone you love.

King Charles Spaniel

I posted more pictures of Gus (my parents dog) when he was younger, but it's been awhile since he got some blog attention--Tom, his brother who looks very similar, was on the blog more recently. Gus was far more interested in the treats in my pocket than the camera, but was an easy enough model to work with. I couldn't resist bringing him into the pictures since this sweater seems to be based off of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel (although the sweater one is a Tricolour and Gus is a Blenheim). They are quite cute dogs; when Gus barks and chases a squirrel through the yard it's like watching a stuffed animal in motion. I especially like it when he barks at horses on tv; no real reaction to cats or dogs on the screen but horses drive him crazy.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Picnic In The Forest

How idyllic is this picnic in the forest editorial? It's really beautifully styled as I covet everything from her clothes to her humble, but tasty-looking spread--and I rather think the woods look like Ireland. Hopefully there will be some picnics like this in my future, until then I'll just start the fruitless hunt for similar boots and picnic blanket in my budget! via

Ghost Of Christmas Present

Let the "Ghost of Christmas Present" jokes begin now! I needed something creative to do a midnight when I couldn't sleep and ended up making this leafy head wreath with trimmings from a bush just out the back. I think it looks nice and festive with the little emerald dress, but when I put the coat on it definitely tipped things into the over-the-top range. Oh well. I am feeling the seasonal cheer and you can not bring me down! The head wreath would be fun to wear at Thanksgiving dinner, no?
P.S. My dress is a new piece courtesy of Cindy + Johnny. It's a wonderful knit perfect for the season. If you like the dress then use this discount code "CLOTHESHorse20" to get $20 off any order over $100. Code good today through December 25th.

Monday, November 24, 2014

How To Survive Winter In Tights

One of the most frequent questions I receive is how I survive winter in tights. It's clear on days when I take pictures in the middle of snow-covered winter wonderland in tights and a dress that I'm quite determined to stick to my dress preferences even in the coldest weather. So here are my tips to surviving winter temperatures in tights (and dresses).
Be practical: How much time will you be spending outside and are you moving a lot? Last winter I spent a good amount of time digging my car free from the snow and a lot of other days having to walk a good distance because I didn't want to dig my car free--in those conditions I actually didn't have to wear a ton of layers because my actions kept me warm. If you're on short walks between classes, or scurrying from your car to a building, then you similarly don't need to wear a lot of layers. If you're however outside for longer periods of time and less active (say waiting for a bus) then you will need to dress a lot more warmly.
Pay attention to denier: Tights come in different weights or thickness, this thickness is referred to as denier. The higher the denier number, the thicker the tights. Denier is important to pay attention to if you're looking for sheer or opaque tights, but in winter a higher denier is also essential in keeping you warmer. For winter it is best to stick to 100 denier and higher.
Fleece-lined is your best friend: Similar to a high denier count there are now fleece-lined tights which will keep you amazingly warm and cozy in winter. Other specialty tights to look for are sweater tights and wool blends.
Layer up: Just because you're wearing tights doesn't mean you can't layer; I often layer 2 pairs of tights in winter to stay a bit warm and put tall socks on top of that as well. It might not seem like the most comfortable choice in the world, but I never feel the discomfort of the tights once I'm outside with snow in my face.
Keep everything else cozy: You can get away with less covering on your legs when your feet are toasty in warm socks and boots. I'm all about dresses and tights in winter, but I will keep every other part of me as cozy as possible; boots with socks, cozy hats, mittens, scarves and thick coats are necessary--especially if my legs are going to be a little less covered!
Brand loyalty (or not): I don't have a lot of brand loyalty when it comes to tights; whenever anyone asks where I get "most" of my tights it's a shop list half a mile long. I like the color variety at Tabbisocks, I like the quirky styles of TrendyLegs, the selection at Tights.uk, the quality of Wolford, the tights sales at Urban Outfitters in the spring, etc. 
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