Friday, January 23, 2015

Flashback: Luella Spring 2008

The Luella label debuted its last fashion collection back in 2009. Despite its short life the label had a devoted following. Luella Bartley knew how to create fun, playful clothes that were cute without being saccharine full of details like heart-shaped necklines that launched more knock-offs than can be counted. Perhaps my favorite collection by the brand was Spring 2008--a geek girl mashup that embraced oversized spectacles, cute cards, and Batman. Long before the debate of what makes an authentic greek girl Luella had created the outfits they would want to wear. From the over-the-top florals and glasses that read like a nerdy secret identity to the sweet capes and masks that are pure superheroine. It's been years but this collection still inspires me to dress like a comic book character.

Outfit: Winter's Bone

I spent many of my pixie days admiring simple ribbons in ponytails. I just loved the look of instead of a big bow, a more casual knotted ribbon and wishing I had the hair to pull it off. Now I finally do and I'm quite addicted to ribbons, bows, hair clips and all sorts of fun accessories that were on hold when I had the Seberg. It really makes a boring ponytail so much better, don't you think? Right now I'm coveting these velvet bows from With Lavender and Lace; they come in the best colors.

Outfit details:
old jacket (similar)
Choies sweater (worn under the dress)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wants: Valfre

I need to upgrade my super old phone if I want one of Valfre's "Boy Tears" phone cases, but I seriously want that phone case. And the Goodbye denim jacket. And basically everything in her shop which will make me feel like a kawaii girl gang memory. Star freckles and pastel hair? Yes please! Valfre's work is colorful, creative, and totally captivating.

Outfit: Let It Snow

Snow does not make me devolve into a kid excited about a day free of school and sledding down a hill in the neighborhood, but I sort of look like that statement is true. I know I look rather giddy in them and it's a bit ironic since when I first started blogging I barely smiled and received requests to smile more in photographs--now I'm a grinning fool! You definitely get less self-conscious in front of the camera the more photographs you take. Although half the times I smile is because I'm laughing at myself--oh look so casually gathering a snowball...by myself...a few feet from my tripod as my camera clicks away...all by chance. Very candid. It's so ridiculous you have to smile.

Outfit details:
vintage hat
old coat
vintage cardigan (similar)
Les Mirrettes brooch
old boots (similar)
old mittens

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Art: Chad Wys

Chad Wys breathes new life into blurred out portraits from bygone days with a few strategically placed pastel and glittery polka dots in this pretty series.

Outfit: Illumination

I've featured this dress in loads of Instagram pics cause I've worn it a number of times, but I think this is the first time it's been in a full blown outfit post. It's from Samantha Pleet's "Visions" collection inspired by Joan of Arc. This particular dress features a beautiful print that seems ripped from the pages of an ancient manuscript. It's so beautiful and detailed and makes me feel like I'm wearing a fairytale on my back. While sometimes I feel like I'm living a fairytale myself, other days it's painfully obvious I'm not--like when a frisbee nearly smacks me in the head! This pretty wooded area apparently doubles as a frisbee golf course; casual walkers beware.

P.S. Sad story: I couldn't resist this little cat wallet because the grumpy face reminded me of Timmy, Thomas's family's cat. But sadly Timmy passed away around Christmas time and I'll never get to pet his weird furry head again...

Outfit details:
old scarf
old coat
vintage boots
old mittens
Choies cat wallet
Rebecca Minkoff backpack (similar)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Stylish Space: In Defense Of Color

I grew up moving a lot, a new home every few years meant plain walls or at least soft colors that would be easy to paint over when we inevitably moved again. So the trend of white walls and minimalism in homes holds little appeal to me--it's all too familiar and looks like a home someone doesn't plan on settling in long term. Needless to say, I'm in love with this space. The owners used color excessively and extravagantly. The shelves and walls are cluttered with their collections and finds--and I can't get enough of it. This looks like a home. via
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