Friday, July 3, 2015

Outfit: Pink Parade

How pretty is this home? The pink front door is an unusual color choice, but it contrasts really nicely with their green vines and right now the roses blooming out front match it perfectly. A lot of people here seem to go for bold and bright front door colors, it's actually rare to see a plain brown wooden door in this area.

Outfit details:
vintage scarf
old sunglasses
Chicwish top (sold out, similar)
purse c/o Modcloth
*pictures by Thomas

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Editorial: Bonjour Tristesse

Any fan of Jean Seberg will immediately recognize her role in Bonjour Tristesse as the inspiration for this editorial for L'officiel Turkey. The result is a beautiful editorial that feels at once modern and minimalist while evoking a memorable style icon and film character. I'd love to see more of my favorite films re-imagined through editorials; the inspiration is endless. Perhaps I should attempt my own pictorial homage one of these days. More here.

Outfit: Walled Garden

We went to Florence Court over the weekend and although it sprinkled a bit (you can see it in some of these pictures if you squint hard enough), it was still pleasantly warm and beautiful there. The manor house was gorgeous, but we spent most of our time enjoying the elaborate walled garden.

Outfit details:
Nila Anthony purse
GoodAfterNine bunny ring
P.S. Tutorial for this hairstyle here.
*pictures by Thomas

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Lookbook: Tavin Boutique

I can't get enough of these "summer whites" images for curated vintage shop Tavin. The shop specializes in vintage pieces that give a gypset, modern chic vibe. For me it's all about the dreaminess of these photographs--flowing white dresses and messy hair are the epitome of summer dressing. I just love the ease of these looks.

Outfit: Daisy Bell

Fashion experts usually recommend keeping a print in proportion to your size, which would mean that at 5'1" all of my prints should be small and dainty. But even though I am petite I get tired of small and dainty things; sometimes I want big, bold jewelry, chunky heels, and flowers the size of my head on a sundress! At the end of the day, fashion rules are handy in knowing what "flatters" you, but they shouldn't control all of your decisions. Style happens when we stop following the rules and start dressing to express ourselves.

Outfit details:
Tieks flats
P.S. Tutorial for this hairstyle here.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Stylish Spaces: Scottish Charm

How charming is this heirloom Scottish family home filled with wallpaper, chalkboard walls, and vintage furniture? Wallpaper looks dated to a lot of people, but I still find it endearing and mixed with patterned plates and bright-colored wood panelling. All these retro touches make this home feel cozy and timeless in a way minimalist apartments never will. via

Outfit: The Classics

Oscar Wilde said "fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable we have to change it every six months." And yet some of my favorite styles are more than six months old--they're easily sixty years old. Of course, some people would argue that is the difference between fashion and style. Sometimes I like fashion; the dreamy editorials, the high glamour runway shows, and the exciting trends, but at the end of the day it's style that I love. It's style that lets you express yourself and wear clothing that looks dated, but feels classic.

Outfit details:
Modcloth sunglasses
old headband
Wink & Winn purse
*pictures by Thomas
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